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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Worst day of my life. Need TLC

Today is the worst day of my life. Well, one of them.
I am allergic to my cat. My kitten. I have allergic contact dermatitis. Or, Hand Hives. These have been caused because of an allergic reaction to touching my kitten.
Given that I have had cats since I was FOUR (Smokey, Tigger, Frodo) - not to mention my dad's cats through the years (Fabian, Phoebe, Pickles, Patches, Pebbles and Munchkin) - I am really pissed off to discover that I am now allergic to cats.

This means my hands will swell up in huge rashes and blisters from time to time. And my heels also. These will itch and cause my hands to swell by 25 per cent. Because they are painful, I can hardly touch anything with the palms of my hands.

Hence I found it difficult to manipulate the toilet roll to the necessary places and ended up standing up too quickly and peeing on my jeans. At work. Not only are my hands scabby (enjoy the pictures of my hands while you are eating), but I am also incontinent. I am an embarrassment to society and should be locked up in a cave forever to protect the world from me.

How could this?

or this?

be caused by such a darling sweetie as this?


john.g. said...

You know its only fair for the cats sake...........dont touch it!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Are you sure it isn't psychological? Women who undress in front of their cats often have repressed feelings of guilt about it.

GEOFF! Ahh Ahh! said...

Hmmmn. Dr Geoff says take a antihistamine tablet (such as Piriton) and everything should be fine. Of course the symptons may not be cat related as you have had several cats. If you've changed washing up powder, detergent, etc, that may be responsible.
Also, it may be that your moggy is playing around in something that you are allergic to.
In any case, I'm sure Mr Mawson will be happy to take your cat off your hands (yes, that was intentional). Bwahhhah!

Simoney said...

Gorilla bananas: I blindfold Monty before I get undressed

JohnG: glad to see OldTarf did not scare you off the site. Poor Monty needs me

Geoff: Piriteze is helping, thanks, the swelling and itchiness is subsiding. But I still look like a leproid freak on the train, people give me funny looks and shy away like I'm the dirty child that everyone had in their class.

Paddy Ebeneezer said...

if you look at my entry for today and follow the first link, it will tell you about alergies to cats. It isn't Monty who you are alergic to, but some of his emissions! when e is muted (aka Audry), he ill emit less and you won't be alergic

Anonymous said...

Feel better, my mom is allergic to both Leo and myself and also the chicken dog, as well as anything else that comes to ming. Her hands, feet, face and body look like your hands at any given time. She says she would rather take 4 allergy pills a day than get rid of us! How sweet is she???

Hope you feel better soon

Your friends
Shadow, leo and the chicken dog

Catty said...

Apparently it's the catspit that does it. You could try bathing the little bundle. Or rub him down with some of that anti-allergy stuff.