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Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas under the sea

It is a common misconception that Mer-people do not celebrate Christmas.

This is blatant error, no doubt perpetuated by Fox News, which has a penchant for key facts, such as the rampage of the Muslim Religious Police that haunt parts of the UK and beat you for entering a no-go zone.

In fact, Mer-people love Christmas.

This year the tree was purple, pink, gold and teal, with a kind of 'Arabian Nights' theme to much of the food - spiced parsnip and tarragon soup for starters; baklava and figs for nibbles and Greek sweetmeats and goodies sent to us by the inlaws.

However, no Christmas is complete without the usual fusion of Germanic and American-inspired holiday favourites, such as Gingerbread houses (made and decorated by yours truly) cookies and cakes (also made and decorated by yours truly), stollen, stockings for Santa to fill and general gourmandising excess.

However, it all got too much for one member of the Mermaid's household, who could not cope with the sheer volume of treats from the table and gifts - many of which were from friends of the family who felt it was important to treat Monty the Cat as if he were a human child - and succumbed to a weird stupor on the settee.

Monty the Cat in post-Christmas 'Nip Trauma
And for a fuller view of the various Christmas decorations and food, simply for those who like a good nosey around the Mermaid's palace, follow me on instagram:

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Press Release of the Decade

We just got sent this about a new green chauffeur service....
Every single Fleet Street Journalist got this very informative press release. via  (12:08)

Hi Mermaid,

I am writing to you from (name of company) (URL of company) to let you know about (our product, new launch, event, award etc). It is (launching, starting, appearing, on sale etc) from (insert date) and is available from (insert brief description). Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want more information.

On (x date), (company name) (company URL) is (details of news – eg launching a new product, holding an event, won an award, new person starting a job).

Insert line indicating why it is ‘news’ and what makes it interesting e.g. first time product/event, new launch, celebrity involved, award received)

Insert line on what sets you apart – any personal angle or interesting facts/statistics?)

Other key points – list (bullet points) and other areas of interest – maximum 5 points)
(Insert prices and availability. Include stockist details if appropriate or location and timing of event)

Please let me know if you use this story.

Best wishes,

For press enquiries, further information or to set up a product review / request product:
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