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Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all of my flat
Was awash with old papers
And toys for the cat,

The aftermath of baking,
Washing up in the sink.
A half-opened bottle
Of very strong drink

(Used for the pudding)
Was still on the side
Next to piles of work:
Poor Mermins cried.

With brows that are beaten
And nagging at home
No wonder I pen this
Unseasonal poem!

I turn to the future
(in a manner of speech)
Where's my silver lining?
Is it just out of reach?

I'm not looking forward
To pretending it's fun
Eating and jesting.
I'd rather just run

Away from forced laughter
And boring family tales
And stay in my duvet
Until Boxing day sales.

Christmas dinner? Bah humbug!
All the presents are trite
And there's no Disney feeling
And the Christmas ain't white.

Oh I know of the Reason
- Good news of great joy -
So despite all the moaning,
I hope you enjoy

But if you're feeling gloomy,
Just about all done in,
Join with me at 6:30
(I'll be hitting the Gin).

Bottoms up! And your chin, too.
We'll drink til we moan
2009 may have been dreadful,
But we're never alone.

Good luck for this Christmas
God bless you as well.
2009 was a scoundrel,
But 2010 will be swell.


Calfy said...

Brilliant poem Mermaid, quite optimistic too I think! Maybe that half-opened bottle should have been fully open? ;) Peace and Goodwill to you, and happy 2010. My three year old sister blew out a candle on Jesus' birthday cake today, it was very sweet. Little sisters have made me enjoy Christmas again and want to buy presents and give out good cheer.

El-Kevo said...

Come over to the dark side. Christmas has never been better since I made the move.

There's an outside chance it COULD be white y'know.


The Old Tarf said...


thank you for the call. Praying for you. will have some gin in your honor. Things will get better. happy New Year.

Trubes said...

Clever little ode Mermies.
Happy New year,


What you up to these days, I don't see you commenting around the blogosphere?
Anyway, I hope you are well and happy,


Tuscan Tony said...

Excellent Merms, a real poetess in our midst!

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Ah my dears! 2009 was not a great year, and I did not have any free time to play on the blogosphere.But I shall try to be more prolific a blogger and a visitor. xx