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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Passive Aggression

The modern office is the best place for passive aggression. We are no longer allowed to beat minions with jagged broom-handles, nor are we allowed to stand over a colleague and berate them soundly with a volley of fitting, if unhallowed, epithets.

However, passive aggression is alive and flourishing in every office up and down the country - notes on microwaves, snippy emails, post-its left on the computer keyboard.

Many of these can take the form of anonymity - post-its are perfect for this.

Two of my favourites include a post-it left on my keyboard by the cleaner/Facilities: "Please don't feed the mice".

This referred to my leaving a box of cookies on my desk.

The second was an a4 sheet of paper sellotaped to the fridge, which read:

"Dear 'Bounty' Thief.. you know who you are"... which you can read for yourself below.


It's a doozy - no doubt written by the same person who, four years ago, complained about the theft of a White KitKat, which resulted in the whole Barn Owl Incident. More on that in another post.


Electro-Kevin said...

I've had my lunch stolen at work before and it's most irritating. Especially on a night duty when there's no other food to be found.

Not the railway I hasten ... the POLICE service of all things.

saya said...

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Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Police should know better EK! Not that anyone in the rail would steal your lunch - too busy stealing our time by hiking rail fares and going on strike me dearie!