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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dazed and confused

The past month has been a whirlwind for the Merms.

I would like very much to explain why it has been so whirlwindy. Or Whirlpooly. But to do so would be to mention work, and that is a no-no on this blog. After all, some completely exaggerated imaginings that I released online a year ago - which had pretty much no basis in reality except that they had been triggered by a horrid situation at work - precipitated me into a terrible situation from which I had no energy or willpower to extricate myself.

So I can't write about work, nor any romantic entanglements nor any amusing incidents because they are all utterly work-related. Is anything uncomplicated anymore?

The only thing I can do is recommend some links to a fun evening that a few of us in the financial world did a few weeks ago, called glastonbury in the city. The mermins is the one crooning on the mike in the front.


Electro-Kevin said...

You're not the only one dazed and confused ! I'm stunned by these videos. You're brilliant. Utterly. In just about every single thing you do.

Music is dear to me too. I've set up my own YouTube channel, not really to show off but to use the videos to promote a learning device for guitar which I invented for my students to help them get through formal gradings. I now have the first batch in production due to be ready next week. The videos will have pop-ups linking to my website. Hopefully they will sell worldwide via the net. (Retailers like it but want too much mark-up)

(If the link doesn't work the channel is included on my blog)

This is my latest video but there are about ten or so done already.

Anyway, Mermins. I hope things settle down for you soon. I hope your singing is as soothing for you as it is for me. Keep doing it.

El Kevo
E-K Independent Traders
New York, Paris, Teignmouth

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Oh Kev, that is such a lovely thing to say, thank you for your kind words.

I will check out your youtube videos and recommend them to a couple of my friends who are interested in learning the guitar!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


Nick Drew said...

singing in the City; entrepreneurial e-ventures - the Capitalists approve!

beast said...

Multi octave voice?
May I swear?
Sadly my octaves are
Command and tone deaf
Would be cool to hear you sing along with kevins guitar
Heres the first line of the song a song

"My old mans an ex policeman and my wife thinks he is a Gene Hunt
He wears old mans trousers......

and ??????

Gorilla Bananas said...

Lovely stuff, Mermaid, you remind me a little of Melanie Safka. Do you know Brand New Key?

The Old Tarf said...

well my dear,

well done. like a chippette off the old block. I hope you can keep it going, it is really relaxing and fun to unwind
doing a few chords.


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.