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Friday, July 20, 2012

Panel debate: Restoring trust in financial services -

Panel debate: Restoring trust in financial services -

Financial Adviser, one of the papers for which I work, has been instrumental in the launch of this campaign, from a germ of an idea in November last year, through to the official launch earlier this month.

On the way we have had some very high profile support, from the outgoing archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, Rabbi Jonathan Romain, Keith Tondeur OBE - founder of Credit Action - and many big-name companies from the world of finance: NS&I, Legal & General, Vanguard and SCM Private.

But sadly not a single front-bencher of any party decided to get involved. We asked known religious politicians - not a single one wanted to lend their support to the Question of Trust campaign. I guess none of the Treasury, DWP or policy makers in Whitehall think that it is important to restore trust in financial services and to instil values of fidelity, faithfulness and honesty.

That pretty much explains the following: Barclays, HSBC, Northern Rock, Equitable Life, PPI mis-selling... etc etc

ho hum!

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Electro-Kevin said...

More important than financial services ...

Do you remember my Time Sausage Theory about four years ago ? Yes. The beloved theory that you... YOU poo pooed and called a load of old bollocks ???

Hmm ? HMMM ???

The one in which I explained that there are a multitude of parallel histories going on at the same time ? That we just happen to live in one of them and there are others where we live out different histories ?

Well, my little fishy.

Prof Brian Cox has just published a book entitled

Everything That Can Happen Does Happen.

I'm onto him for my money !