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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Zombies: 20 things to take in event of an apocalypse

Twenty things to have in the event of a zombie outbreak
1) A six-seater pick-up with coverable roof and a full tank of gas
2)A shotgun
3)A rifle with a silencer
4)A pistol with a silencer
5)A crossbow and quiver
6) Knife 1
7)Knife 2
8)A guard dog
9)One rooster
10) Hen 1
11) Hen 2
12) A crate of bottled water
13) a saw
14) an axe
15) 100m of thick strong twine or thin rope
16) a he-goat
17) a she-goat
18) Proper first-aid kit, including supplements and ladies things
19) blanket
20) big box of matches 

People to take
Steve & family. Fit and fearless and he's a fireman so would be useful.

Get out into countryside
Raid small stores on way for food, clothing and pet food
Siphon off petrol into empty cans where safe to do so
Collect wood, pallets, crates 

Find remote spot with remote farmstead or small holding 
Fortify with fences and barricades
Fortify places for hens, goats and any random farm animals in vicinity
Fortify places of entry into farmstead with high walls, barricades, etc.
Fortify the house itself.

Hunker down amd wait for the helicopters to airlift.

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