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Sunday, August 07, 2016

All Clear

All Clear...

Those were the lovely words I heard after my trip to the Royal Marsden last week.

All that worry, waiting around, poking and prodding the lumps and bumps and fretting over the blue circles drawn on my boob in blue felt tip - just hormones.

The IVF treatment I'm going through is playing havoc with my hormones. It's already played a mean trick on my waistline, giving me a flabby belly and wide water-retaining hips (and the hips don't lie, man!).

Now it's playing games with my boobs, ducts, glands - anything, you name it.

However it's better that my strange bumps and lumps are just a reaction to the hormone-stimulating drugs than anything more sinister. Hoorah!


Trubes said...

Oh Mermies,
what an ordeal do hope all goes well for you,
I shall put you on my little prayer list for
all to be good for you and your Merman
love Di xx

moorgatemermaid said...

thank you Di!
Hope all is well with you and yours? xx