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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Blogger news

Gone but not forgotten. Rest in Peace, Nick
While going through my comments-awaiting-moderation (which I thought I had turned off), I saw a very sad notification from October. 

This was to inform me that one of my first ever followers on Blogger, Nick Kennerley, has died (far too young), and had a service on 13 October last year.

Another 2016 death, and a sad one for me personally at that. We had prior to this been emailing about a possible meet-up with Electro-Kevin and another Blogger chum. 

It is so sad to hear about this - and sad too that I missed the notification. I don't know why this was held up in my comment filters on Blogger, because it was sent to me by a trusted follower (Electro-Kevin).

Nick was such an entertaining, larger-than-life fellow, whose blog posts pretending to be that ranter-in-chief Hitchens (aka "The Hitch") provided much hilarity.

In recent years, this blogging dwindled into bonkers, tongue-in-cheek and cheeky comments on our Blogger sites, along with some random, stream-of-consciousness emails that would have made Virginia Woolf nod in appreciation at the structure before frothing at the mouth at the content.

Perhaps strangely enough, his later life conversion seemed to tie into his lack of virulent blogging, and he became quite caught up in church life, which he said had given him much peace and a sense of belonging that he'd not had before in his personal life.

Nick, we never got around to having our end-of-year catch up and now I know why. So sorry to hear of your passing, but I hope to meet up with you one day, being bonkers and winding up St Peter with your awful puns.

Rest in peace, Hitch. 


Gorilla Bananas said...

I remember his comments well - he didn't mince his words! Sad news, but I'm glad he found peace in his last days.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Indeed. I can't believe I didn't see EK's comment. It's all been so long since I had time to blog properly and keep up with everyone and everything. Poor Hitch. Wasn't even 60.

Electro-Kevin said...

Thanks for writing this Mermins. My fault really. I ought to have contacted you directly.

I still can't quite get over it but he had been ill for as long as I'd known him.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Not at all Electro, thanks for letting me know. It seems so bizarre. I didn't realise he hd been ill. I thought sometimes he seemed a little more erratic than usual - perhaps that might have been the drugs - but I guess he didn't want to talk too much about that to me. Poor old Hitch!