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Thursday, December 06, 2007


My tree is up and decorated.

I have bought nearly all my presents.

My flat is nearly ready for the hungry hordes.

Most of the party food is already in the cupboards.

But oh oh oh oh oh I need to sleeeeeeeeep.

My theme is gold and purple this year. What are you lot doing?


Gorilla Bananas said...

Right now, I'm eating a fig. I have several good deeds planned for the Christmas season.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for my invite.

Old Tarf said...

G.B.- eating figs. Does indeed cause a good deal of good deeds?????

Gold and Purple are the official colours of the Lions International. Very nice MM.

Our colours this year are black and white.....Rum.

electro-kevin said...

Red and gold.

Gold star atop. Bottles of Hobgobblin, free range turkey and goose fat tatties. A big puzzle for the family to do together.

brentwoodladies said...

Duplicate robots of your very own self in time for Xmas.
Let your duplicate robot dance in tune with St Nick and his evil cohorts, whilst you get on with your freekin' life!
1) Pre-programmed to buy crap presents for your relatives!
2) Will make a fool of itself at the office party by getting rat arsed and shagging the office minger!
3) Guaranteed to eat and drink too much and puke over grandma!
4) Will fart all the way through the Emmerdale Xmas special and then fall asleep!
Cannot be distinguished from the real thing! (excepting a discrete barcode)
All this for only £500,000,000!

The Hitch said...

I promise to come down your chimney

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Brentwood ladies! !!! I love that Idea! Definitely worth the money.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

So, EK - are we all invited?

brentwoodladies said...

It may seem like a good idea for us, but there is a developing problem. After enduring a few Christmases, the robots turn up at HQ begging to be terminated.

brentwoodladies said...

I don't have a chimney, but if you are so minded you can use the cat flap Monty style.

Old Tarf said...

Brentwoodladies- Your comment to Hitch.

Is that the "Full Monty"?????

brentwoodladies said...

old tarf.
It should be OK as long as he brings his helmet.