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Sunday, February 03, 2008


I know you are itching to know how it went...

I refer to Tolkein...

"Gildor was silent for a moment... At last he said: "...The Choice is yours, to go or to wait."
"And it is also said," answered Frodo: "Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes."

The answer is yes, with also a no, and a definite wait-and-see.

The Mermaid of Moorgate is not unhappy to bide a while, flicking her tail and singing her strange songs to the wind and the rain and the rocks. If it is worth waiting for, which it most definitely is, Merms will wait, even wait forever. At least she knows.


The Old Tarf said...

You should bait a twinkie or two with a treble hook and leave it on the beach for him to bite and drag him out to the undersea's kingdom.

(It probably is on youtube somewhere, as it is an english commerical.)

idle said...

Bad luck, old girl.

Or well done, you foxy fish!

One of the two, anyway.

electro-kevin said...

It's 'good luck, old girl.' most definitely.

Hopefully you won't be in the wind and the rain for much longer.

Johnny Huxley said...

Johnny is a little out of step here. I have been away sugarplum, what are you on about?
Please don't say you are hanging about over some fellow?

The Hitch said...

No it isnt worth waiting for,
I dont mean that you should jump into bed with somebody (definatley not)However, If you have chemistry ,its there, it doesnt turn up a few months down the line.
Maybe Hitch is misreading your post.
Even when the chemistry is there, it can still be wrong,thats starting to dawn on me.

Anonymous said...

Once again I have no idea what is going on. I did try flicking back through a few posts but it didn't help. I'm pretty certain it has nothing to do with your cat this time??

Romance? If so, then good luck. Do Mermaids have . . . um, perhaps I should stop there and do some independant research. Shouldn't ask personal questions in a comment box really.

Tuscan Tony said...

Agree, reluctantly, with the Hitch (he gets intolerable when people side with him).
Was he as smooth and good looking as his voice siuggested? Tight ringlets, Maximumus-style? Or more of the Bruce Willis?

Trubes said...

No way do I speak in clich├Ęs, There`s no two ways about it,
On the other hand,
Is it or Isn't it ?

C'mone Merms, I am itching to know. (Literally, as I have a Morphine induced rash), more importantly, You owe it to, we, your devoted "public" to, at least, give us a clue.

Speaking in "Tolkienesque" riddles washes over me, like the waves over a Mermaid`s Tail.

(Trubes trying another tack)

Do you realise that, we have all had to spend an anguished weekend, talking to Monty, the Cat, whilst you`ve been away canoodlin', or not canoodlin', (to be confirmed or not confirmed) ?
Right. The Sun`s down over the Yard arm so I`m of for an apperitif.
I`ll be back.
love to Monty. xx.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Listen everyone: Mermaid is talking about her face to face (but not flesh to flesh) meeting with PHONE GUY!!!
Take your time, Mermaid, and don't listen to all this crap about "chemistry". The bottom line is whether you can live under the same roof contentedly. That's all that matters - the alpha and the omega.

Lilith said...

So he IS married ;-(

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

My dear chickas, oh my blogging friends...

Old Tarf.. I shall do no such thing! It is out of my hands and in God's hands. I shall abide by His decision. And I will phone you tomorrow.

Idle... Good luck has nothing to do with it. True friendship is the basis of everything, whether romantic or not. I have found a True Friend and that is something that cannot be destroyed, whether or not any merman action comes along.

EK... Thank you. I shall keep my tail flicked, but I shall not post another word about PG after this one out of respect to him and to our friendship - and especially not if it causes any scupperation to what could be a slow-blooming but everlasting anything else.

Johnny Huxley! welcome back young sir. And sugarplum, indeed. Now should you be calling mermaid a sugarplum when her heart has already floated towards another? Aw, what the heck... carry on, doll-face!

Hitch! You are right in a way about chemistry - that it is not the be-all and the end-all. Not only has there to be attraction, but you have to think hat you are soul-mates and, of course, whether this is something that God has indeed planned. So Chemistry is not everything.

Tuscan - I've known this chap, on and off, for about 10 years. It's been a long time off, but he's not changed much. Still has those gorgeous blue eyes and sarcastic smile that smote me several years ago.

Trubes - I will email you. You will see that it's all three at the moment, unless of course he's reading my blog and all these comments, in which case it's just NO. Sorry you've had to deal with Monty, he's such a snob.

Gorilla - You have hit the nail on the head! Indeed you have. I'll email you too!

Lilith - you are funny - but no, of course he isn't! I would never do that and nor would he. I am 100% loyal and so is he. He's one of the most Godly and humble men I know and I am in awe of his honesty - he truly practices what he preaches, unlike yours truly, who is an evil sea-witch and probably has given FAR too much away!

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Sorry Reluctant -

in answer to your two questions

1) I've removed nearly all references to PG within my blog

2) Mermaids only develop ****** when they become Mermatrons.

The Hitch said...
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