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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What to get the Old Tarf?

It's the Old Tarf's birthday today and I have struggled to know what to get him.

I thought about getting him some booze, but realised he's got enough of that.

I considered getting him some plants, but the only thing he can water now is his jumper when he drools
watering can

So I got him what every man wants... a luxury bath from a beautiful geisha girl.

See how happy he is?

oldest man in the world


The Old Tarf said...

Your Birthday is coming up. So remember that. Kiddo.

Revenge is sweet. ha, ha,aha, AAARGH. The bath water is Cold. BRRRRRR.

Thank you.

Love you,

Old Tarf xxx (LOL) ;))))

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

love you too pops, tried to skype you but managed to crash my computer - the webcam you kindly bought for me deleted my drivers so It's taken me until 3:30 AM UK time to fix it!! EEEK sorry about that - however the one you bought for our leprechaun friend worked with Vista so I've swapped them over and both should be perfect. Thanks so much and Happy Birthday to you!!!

The Old Tarf said...

Sorry about that My dear. Take care; be careful you do not burn the candle too often at both ends.

Skype me anytime let me know so I am on line.

CD on way.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I would have thought that's a great present for a man at any age. Don't worry, Tarf, we know you're really a lean fit grizzled warrior. Like the head of the praetorian guard in I Claudius.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

More like Brian: Romani Eunt Domum

The Old Tarf said...

GB- the rest of me is falling apart. So it is a good thing I have something that is finely chiseled.

I am not as finely "Stoned" as I used to be. ;)

Trubes said...

Gracious, Old Tarf has aged since his recent video serenade on You Tube.
What on earth did you put him through on the visit to Canada Merms?
Did you break the bath instead of the toilet?
Ah, so that's why, he is sitting in two metal ones.

Poor Old tarf, I'll have to go over to visit him right now !

Hope you are recovered from the long journey, it really is good to have you back 'a' posting!


Trubes said...

P.S. there's a new little anecdote on my site!

EmmaK said...

I think he would have liked something heartfelt like maybe the vibrating hamster sex toy which is advertised by Richard Gere:

Daisy said...

mermaid you are ornery...lucky you didn't get your tail smacked for that thing old tarf has a sense of humour and location...i would imagine he will lie in wait...till you are swimming a little closer to his reach ;)

Anonymous said...

haha it is always wonderful when bloggers are revealed in all their glory!!!

So when's your birthday then, Mermaid? How soon is soon?

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Hey Trubes, you don't know the half of what I had to endure. Perhaps you should catch my songs on Youtube -

"Daddy ate my Taco blues"
"Where did all my icecream go?"
"Dollarama Diva"

It might give you a taster

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Daisy, according to Waterboy, "Ma mama says crocodiles are ornery because dey got all dem teeth and no toothbrush"

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Reluctant - Ah! It's not really soon but when you're Old Tarf's age there's so little to look forward to that you are in eager expectation of every significant date.

Daisy said...

mermaid...that there is a what is it that makes you so ornery, eh? perhaps that is something best left unstated and for one to find out, if they i was raising just one eyebrow on that one)

The Old Tarf said...

See what I have to endure. At the hands of my own kin!!

Merms-You seem a lot more chipper. Hows the chipmunk video?

Let me know when you get some of your earrings on ebay- send over the reference numbers.

idle said...

That's a pisspoor bath you've given the old bugger. I cannot imagine getting a good soak during Desert Island Discs on a Sunday, armed with a bloody mary and the spectator, with my arse in one tin washing up bowl and my heels in another.

But the personal sponging from an oriental is a small plus. The beast will tell us all about this in due course, doubtless.

electro-kevin said...

Electric footwarmer ?

Microwaveable water bottle ?

Personalised mug ?

Television magnifying glass ?

Electric tin opener ?

A fine selection of shortbreads ???

Have you no imagination, woman ????

The old 'uns just love all that shit. I still have all the above items boxed (found at my gran's house after she died)

You're welcome to any of them for a reasonable price.