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Friday, May 02, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Disappointing night for Labour

Did anyone catch the blethering idiot from Southampton, John Denham MP, trying to blame the Conservative victory on the fact that "The Lib Dem vote completely collapsed".... Have a look at his BBC interview here.... Denham blames the Lib Dems! what a loser! When David Dimbleby pointed out that, in fact, the Labour party lost four seats compared with two for the Lib Dems, Denham's reply was (roughly) thus:

"David, David, David, David, David... I not trying to pretend it's been a good night.... am trying to explain to you what happened. The Lib Dem vote completely collapsed. And our voters said they were not going to vote."

"But you lost more votes than the Lib Dems. How can you blame them for your failure"

"We didn't fail David. Our voters stayed at home."

What a turkey. He should be ashamed of himself.


Gorilla Bananas said...

He should have said that losing was a cunning plan to make the opposition overconfident. So you're back from holiday then, Mermaid? Feeling full of beans I hope?

Trubes said...

Hi Merms:
What a dope Denham is.
All the usual suspects on the TV, today are, to quote ...'learning lessons and moving forward'. Ha!

From all accounts,they won't learn many lessons in the British State Educational System.
What exactly, are they going to move forward to ....?
The decks of the Titanic perchance.... ?

We've been subjected to, 'Blathering' Blears, 'Hapless Haridan' Harman and now 'Slimy Moron' Tony McNulty, still trying to 'learn lessons and move forward'...

I think a good slice of Humble Pie(laced with cyanide preferably), may be more in order!

They've had 11 years to do all they promised and have broken nearly every pledge made in their Manifesto...
What a shower of deluded self-serving prats.

Hello Gorilla Bananas,
I sincerely hope Merms isn't too full of beans, given her propensity to breaking 'loos' and self confessed flatulence.
Could be a very dangerous scenario!


P.S. You read my new 'post yet Merms? Also, would you please give Tarf my e-mail address, I've tried to e-mail him but it won't send..Di. xxx

Paddy Ebeneezer said...

I have successfully managed to avoid news items all day and so am blissfully unaware of the jstate of our political parties. I prefer curling up on cushions and dreaming of fish......mmmmmmmm!

nempnett thrubwell said...

Anyone notice Portillo? With the knowledge that most of his bread is buttered by the BBC these days, I think he's gone native.

Iain Dale was so irritated by his luke warm reaction to the predicted 44% result, that he commented,"Just what does it take to please Michael Portillo these days?"

Portillo's reaction to Boris Johnson's projected victory was positively hostile, but the interview was redeemed by the crestfallen figure of Saint Polly Toynbee stood next to him.

tycho said...

They've wheeled Denham out on a regular basis recently on the premise that us sucker punters regard him as someone with integrity, being the only cabinet minister to resign over the war in Iraq.

Who are the suckers now?

electro-kevin said...

Such magnanimity in defeat. Charming.

On a personal level I quite like the many of Conservatives. William Hague I like very much and would prefer him as party leader.

Of Nu Lab ? I can't stand ANY of the bastards (ever thus I'm afraid) I could gladly throttle the lot of 'em. The good news is that most of the population feel like me now too ... at last.

Anonymous said...

The whole think wasn't helped by the fact that Denham appeared to have a slightly squashed tribble stapled to his head.

As for Portaloo - what the hell has happened to his nose? He's started to look like Schnozzle Durante pulled inside out.

Lilith said...

They talk *such* crap. I boil over every time I hear Our Leader announce how Britain is well placed economicaly (because of his prudence)and that he is going to guide the country through the current global fiscal turbulence...LIAR!