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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Paris Hilton's top 10 tunes

Guido's fabulous post on the presidential candidates' 10 favourite songs Guido is here has got me thinking how great it would be if Paris became president. Let's face it, under the American constitution and Bill of Rights, it is more than possible that she should be a candidate. Presidential precedent even suggests, nay, demands it:

Ronald Regan was an actor, and Paris has been in a movie (I think it might still be on YouTube).
Bill Clinton was caught in an impassioned er, situation, as has Paris (YouTube comment still stands).
Nixon stank, and Paris has launched her own perfume.
Bush is verbally challenged; Paris is verbal and challenged.
The Kennedys were shot - there's hope for a bright, but brief, political future for her.

So what would her top 10 hits be?

I venture

1) Money, Money Money (Abba)
2) One Toke over the line (Brewer and Shipley)
3) Because I got High (Afroman)
4) Love Shack (the B-52s)
5) Honky Tonk Woman (Stones)
6) Blow, Gabriel Blow (Marti Webb)
7) These Foolish Things (Ella)
8) Love in an Elevator (Aerosmith)
9) Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio)
10) Californication (RHCP)



Daisy said...

okay i like all of those songs...what does that say about me? *eyes wander about and lower in shame*

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

*Splashes all over Mermaids blog*

*Gets drunk, splashes all over Mermaids bog*

Didnt know you were still blogging

Anonymous said...

Barkis is willing

idle said...

Easy (various)
Pretty Vacant (Pistols)
Poor Little Rich Girl (N Coward)
Too Drunk to F*** (Dead Kennedys)


Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Well well well (three holes in the ground!) I am glad that my return to the blogosphere has necessitated such drunken joy on your part, dear beast!

Idle- nice one, nice one...

Daisy - you dont need to fear, Ilike all of these too! I do do a good Paris impersonation too, shoving my cat into an oversize shopping bag and saying: "That's hot".


ginger said...

The Hokey Cokey.

I'll think up some others when I can be arsed....maybe.

Tuscan Tony said...

Anything by Sham 69, really. We likes the idea of Paris For Pres here in Tuscany, we really do.

Anonymous said...

As a regular patron of the splendid hotel adjacent to the Tour Eiffel, I take a great (and infantile) pleasure in stating that I have spent many in a night in Paris Hilton.

I'll get me coat.

Anonymous said...

how about jailhouse cock?

King of Scurf said...

One Night in Paris (10cc)

From her home videos, one suspects there have been quite a few actually.

Lilith said...

I am afraid I am rendered commentless after reading Beast's.

Great to have you back.

Paris Hilton hmmm...what a stupid name. The poor girl. Would you call your daughter "Best" if your surname was Western?

Scroblene said...

Mermules - lovely to hear you splashing again!

Poo little Paris doesn't have a chance against one of my oldest and dearest chums - lead guitar in clip below...

Oh yes, 'Berlin Ritz' really do the business!

Scroblene said...

Sorry Meraccamerm, got the link slightly wrong...

And I can't spell 'poor' either...

Trubes said...

Welcome back Mermie darling xx

Mu Tai Dong said...

Maybe Chinese Elvis?