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Saturday, September 27, 2008

What has the Mermaid been up to?!?!?


Working, freelancing, doing notes for her mother, dating, putting her flat on the market, becoming the first woman editor of a christian publication, back to her youth groups and charity card making and jewellery making and in training for a 98k trek to Cuba to raise money for MIND! (because I'll need their services one day no doubt!)


How does she do it, you ask? Well, easy - dating goes out of the window! But the window is still open he he he he. Merms has a fishing rod.

Anyway here's some of the exciting stuff I am making for a charity craft fair (again to raise £ for MIND - the mental health charity). And here's my fund raising page!

If you have any ideas about how to help us get our target Id' be grateful - at the moment I'm auctioning myself off on facebook, doing a cake bake, collecting at stations, holding a fund raising party, my best friend is holding a charity raffle and book sale and my old school is having a Cuba day - how cute is that?


Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm auctioning myself off on facebook

Is someone vetting the bidders, Mermaid, you wouldn't want to be sold to a knavish fellow would you? And won't the trek to Cuba be mostly a voyage from your location? Good thing you've got a tail.

electro-kevin said...

I have NO idea about fund raising, Mermaid.

My lottery application on behalf of the scout group which I chair has just been rejected.

If a group that keeps youth off the streets in this age of violent gangs doesn't get funds who does ? Oh yeah - the yacht club on the rich side of the estuary (all adult.) Never mind - I've complained to Awards for All and they've told me to re apply.

I was also meant to have sold a load of raffle tickets but everyone's doing them at the moment. So I bought them all myself. Fifty quid I won't be spending on beer boo-hoo !

Do you think that me buying them was part of the plan all along ?

Anonymous said...

Oh I never get involved in fund raising. I'm such a miserable old trout in that respect. I give some money every year to one particular charity and just stick to that. There is a fundraising group at the school and they are always arguing and fighting so I keep well away.

But the world needs good souls like you.

And if you're looking for a date. . . haha only teasing! I know I'd have to have a sex change first and I'm not prepared to do that however lovely you are!

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Hallo Gorilla, thanks for the warning - don't worry - it's only open to my facebook friends! And there are rules and stipulations!

EK - you bought all the tickets yourself - yes that's the sort of thing Merms ends up doing too! It's all good though - at the end of the day the charity or cause benefits and it's all good Karma/christianly charitableness or whathaveyou!

Reluctant - thanks for the offer he he! Never change who you are for someone else - I have learned that lesson the hard way!

Daisy said...

mermaid...i had a friend recently do a fund raiser in his son's name...he went around to local places got some things donated (small amounts of free food, etc) put baskets of the items together and held an auction...he actually made quite a lot of money on it...hope that helped some...

Daisy said... let you know i will be in london nov 12th...don't know if you will be in the area but would love to meet up with you...

Anonymous said...

May I order one of the cakes at all?

I've an idea.

How about Cuban cigars or Cuban cocktails...

barkis said...

Barkis is willing. Please.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

My daughter did a bike ride across Vietnam for St Mary's Hosp in London. She used JustGiving, too.

She also put up a funny video on YouTube. Raised £5,000 - some generous bloggers helped a lot.

Good Luck, and I'll have one of those huge cuban cigars. Thanks.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Hello all! finally I can post something - its only taken a month for them to give me permission to use my own blog site! GRRR..

EK - thank you for the donation - v kind of you.

Mutters - we did a cocktail night - raised £200

I also sold my soul to Geoff for £100. I thought it was worth more, personally

idle said...

I'll bid £105 if it's not too late, merms.

Trubes said...

Hi Mermies, just dropping by to say hello and hope you are well and not working too hard.
Many years ago when I worked in the Leisure business, we raised a lot of money for charity by hiring some lanes out at a Ten pin Bowling centre, they gave us a very cheap rate for bowling, We then got lots of friends, their associates and families etc, to go along to bowl, the differnce between the usual bowling rate and the discounted rate then went to the charity.
We also sold raffle tickets in the centre for donated prizes.
If you approach the Management of the Bowling centre they probably will be happy to let you have some lanes at a reduced rate because they make a lot on ancillary spends, i.e. food and drink.
If you start around 6pm, people will probably come straight from work and will want something to eat and drink, good profit for the Bowl!
You could sell tickets in advance, which would include the cost of the bowling, also, a contribution to your charity.
Perhaps advertise through your media and journalist associates. Also local radio stations.
Hope this helps.