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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Honoured (?) by the ghost of the Hitch

The Ghost of The Hitch

Well well well (three holes in the ground). I have received fame from the keyboard of a prolific blogger (click on link above)

This is the last time I tell ANYONE my dreams. Except Lily Allen, who would be thrilled with that picture. Go Lily!


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear!! Its all down hill from here Ms M...

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

No, it's all downhill from Thursday, when I shall have passed a milestone anniversary ending in a 0.

The Hitch said...

Well you already have the cat and the desperate stalking habit.
You are reduced to flirting online when you should be working.
Maybe you should celebrate by getting some more cats, chocolate and another gay friend?

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Hitch - Stalking is not desperate, it's just fun.

Flirting online? That's for facebook, not blogging. Are you jealous of Ed?

Working? That's for financial journalists. Oh... I see... yes... back to Mifid. sigh.

If I collect any more cats, I will be ineligible. If I eat chocolate, I will break another toilet seat.

Collecting gay friends, however, is a specialism of mine and indeed, I do attract them wherever I go. It makes for the best nights out ever!

The Hitch said...

well I like cats.
Poofs , no, but they usualy melt away when a real man pops into a womans life.
Facebook ... nah

No way!
A real turn off,
that is unless you agree with me that we are all stuffed, the fiat monetery system is on the brink of collapse , we should all buy as much gold as possible and move to New Zealand.

electro-kevin said...

ICI's just been flogged off.

But don't worry - everything'll be fine. Hnnnn.

A bit tangential for you Ms M ? I was just alluding to Hitch's last comment and I agree - we're bollocksed.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

EK - you think? It's what I was born to do - been doing it 8 years... We're not too bad, wait til our housing market collapses though as it has in the US.

Hitch - buying gold? That's expensive at more than $650 per troy ounce. But NZ is definitely a good option

electro-kevin said...

What do you think of Fantasy Island the book ?

(By tangential I meant my change of direction BTW, I hadn't intended to question your expertise)

As to the housing market I know that the US lenders are panicking over high risk borrowers - is that likely to happen here ?

What I see everywhere is a rise in cost but a lowering in quality and that applies to everything from the amount of living space we have to the thickness of matches. Degradation by stealth and dellusion if you like - the UK appears to be undergoing a palpable relegation in the world league whilst it's all being spun as an economic 'success' story.

As for business I know that it doesn't necessarily mean dealing with things that you can stub your toe against - but in becoming a 'service' economy haven't we put all our eggs in one basket, and isn't avoiding putting one's eggs in one basket the first thing an investment advisor with any savvy will tell you to do ?

I commented on your vomit post BTW.

EmmaK said...

It is really an honor that Hitch has had a dream about you giving Amy Winehouse's chops a good pounding? If this was a Cosmo article I'd say you were suffering from low self esteem ;)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Mutley is not wrong, Mermaid. I've met baboons with a more sophisticated understanding of finance and economics than some of your new visitors.

Old Tarf said...

Why leave your money for the youngster's. I intend to spend mine so the Gov. dosen't get it.

As to buying gold, MM you mentioned to do that 7 or 8 years ago when it was cheap. Moving to NZ would be cool.

To have someone have a dream about you, well, well. Someone else to dangle over the balcony.

I am getting out of the practice of terrorising the young men , who come to the door to take my daughter to the prom.

Hitch- I take it you must have been cleaning your rifle and fell asleep with your priming rod in hand.

Ed said...

Are you jealous of Ed?


Newmania said...

Collecting gay friends, however, is a specialism of mine and indeed, I do attract them wherever I go. It makes for the best nights out ever!

But some pretty poor nights in . ha looks like I`m not in the mermaid crew. Oh well I `ll just hang around on the edge like James Dean or Marlon Brando and be moody

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Ha Ha! Old Tarf - That Rifle comment was classic! Go up top fella, Minnesota Slim would have been proud of it.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Aw, Newmania, don't be all peripheral and sad. You're welcome in the marine kingdom of Mermaidonia.

GB - I've also met financial journo who could fling their poo like chimps ... you've got to admit though that it's positive the general public is interested in global economics?

EmmaK - Actually it was MY dream and Hitch stole it. He's the Hitch who stole christmas.

The Hitch said...

Mr Tarf

I know that you are gentleman of advanced years marooned in the snowy fastness of Canada , relying on a beaver in a canoe to deliver your emails to the nearest trading post , so let me break it gently to you. Some of us have moved on past muzzleloaders we now have a system of ignition called "centre fire".
If you wish I could send you a catalogue of these very handy modern weapons ? Let me know what trading post to send it to . I require no cash payment but a set of moose antlers would be most welcome.

The Hitch said...

Yes I do intend to wear them on my head.

Newmania said...

You're welcome in the marine kingdom of Mermaidonia.

A perky miss aren`t you. Is Marine Kingdom a sort of code for ......... Cos if it is I `ll be right over

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Newmania - no, it's not.

electro-kevin said...

You wouldn't have heard my story (seeing as you don't want to talk about house prices)
This was on my previous blog which got nuked in a terrible accident. I know you'll appreciate it and think it's worth repeating especially for you.

When I were but a nipper (12 years old) my brother and me (he was 10) were latch-key kids. Our family were right poower (poor) see ?

Oh fuck this stoopid accent ! Anyways ...

We used to get up to all sorts of tricks - egg throwing, knock-down-ginger, bottle smashing... One night we'd had our sandwiches and I suggested to my kid brother that we spread some picallili (a puke-like vegetable concoction) on some Clingfilm and spread it all over a neighbour's windscreen. Little bro' agreed to the dirty deed and off we went with said concoction, Hnnnn.

We arrived at the car and little bro' starts to spread said concoction over the windscreen - he was perfecly silhouetted by a street lamp and I could see his ugly alien-like form, juvenile large head atop an impish body with puny arms. The whole scene cracked me up so much. I'd better continue the rest of the telling from little bro's perspective as recounted by him during his Best Man's speech at my wedding, it makes for a better finale:

'I saw Kevin running up the road laughing loudly - he was groping at his belt buckle with one hand and clutching his backside with the other. I followed him into the house and could see that the hat stand had been pulled over. When I looked at the stairs I was astonished - there was a fresh turd on every other step. When I followed the trail to the toilet there was Kevin in tears with the door open. He held his hand up which was full of shit and said "I tried to catch it" '

I hope that you enjoyed this wail of toe, Mermaid. If not the please consider what it's just cost me.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Hitch - indeed, Canada is the only country that could get away with having a wuss-bag animal like a beaver for a national animal...

E_K... that was a wonderful story. I'd love to discuss house prices, but that would remind me too much of work. I'd rather discuss your poo story. That's beautiful.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Newmania - but you are welcome to hang around looking like Marlon Brando...

The Hitch said...

Beat of moorgate
"Big Wuss"?
hitch coughs the job I did once have a jacket with a shaved beaver collar (old ma hitch was in the fur trade) how I exploited the cheap laughs

she still has a decent collection of big cat skins(all legal)

Biggles said...

halo mermaid person. i hope monty is bee-hay-ving more goodlier now than wot he dun beefour. the littel linky link on yore blog too go to my blog doo not werk. i doo not no much about these things but hear is my address thingy

yore wise frend biggles.

PS my bruv danl went too the same skool like wot alan rickman dun go too but my bruv is much yunger or he cood not find him their.

Old Tarf said...

Hitch- I am old enough to know better but young enough not to give a "flying frag hoop".

You have "centre fire"; that's great. It can be rather embrassing when you let one in public though. I would go to see the Doctor for some sort of appliance. You have to be careful of standing in front of an open flame though.

I would send you the moose antlers but I am sure you rather look at "Racks" than wear them.

Lucien Modo said...

The photograph you use as your avatar is purloined from a catalogue of brassiers for the bigger woman! And I claim my five pounds.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Brassiers for the BIGGER WOMAN??? How very dare you. £5 for what? If you care to look at my June post "why am I still single" you will see in fact that it is indeed moi, and at 8 stone 4 I'm hardly going to be in the BIGGER WOMAN category. When I get to the vatican, Lucien, I'm gonna whup your Crufts Champion '84 furry ass with an office stapler.

Biggles, you is a top cat. I will amend the link on friday. Strokes to you and your kin.

Hitch, it does not surprise me you put your head through a shaved beaver.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

ps lucien - I have a whole stash of similar photos and when I get them back from the ex, I'll be happy to share them online. But not with you.

john.g. said...

This blog is descending into sexual debauchery. More please!!

Toot, toot!

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

John G - no indeed! this cannot be!