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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

OH MY GOSH... where are my boys when I need them????

I am really missing the banter!

No-one talks about: Chinese trouser sales, coffee prices, dead barn owls, Brazilian women, rotary pencils, ginger haired people, princess Diana, The Hoff, the A-Team, Asian babes, mobile phone tunes, the Duchess, Alicia Wylie T Coyote, general gossip or comments about people's clothing.

Today: I have missed Sam banging on about the cricket.

I have missed Nigel hobbling along on a broken ankle talking about dead barn owls and coffee beans (I'm writing on soft-commods).

I have missed dancing with Thomas to the background music, and...

I had this wicked picture of the duchess from alice in wonderland sent to me for a feature and I had no Dan Judge to show it too.



Old Fart(TARF) said...

Life is what it is and it is hard to change things. We often think we miss the good old days and let our minds go back and replay things over and over.

The seasons change and so do we and sometimes it is the best thing to give up on the past as it is the past. We cannot keep saying if only!

I found out the best way to be a rebel is to be a rebel inside and what ever the world throws at you it cnanot change who , you really are.

So to hell, with the strait laced and the quiet and the paper bin worrying, pen top people around you.

Smile and realise that, in the end . Your Faith is the only, thing that matters and should give you the strength and courage to face each trial.

After our our Lord, was also a rebel and drank with the riff raff and the so called high brow set of his day looked at Him a little funny.

"Don't worry, be Happy". as the song goes.

Eddy said...

Yeah, show him your food... I do that to the girl opposite, really grosses her out but she loves it really! Maybe he fancies you?