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Thursday, November 02, 2006

What is happening with The Times? It's gone all hilarious all of a sudden. There was a story today about Charles and Camilla going trekking around the Kashmir region, and the journalist was inserting humorous quips and commentary into the copy. And instead of an expose of how the royal duo were dealing with people out there, The Times ran a piece onMillie's ankle of all things - its second story on the website. Here is an excerpt: "There was a brief but no doubt embarrassing moment of panic, when one of her ankles was fleetingly exposed for all to see.
The error occurred as she walked down the red-carpeted stairs after leaving the mosque and putting her shoes back on, with her trousers apparently getting caught up with a wayward pop sock.
Luckily, an aide was on standby for such emergencies and duly scurried over to alert the Duchess to the wardrobe malfunction, helping her untuck the material.
Despite the minor blip, the outfit – which the Duchess has worn on another Royal tour - appeared to go down a storm, enabling her to display frugality as well as modesty."

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