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Monday, January 21, 2008

four jacket potatoes and a tub of coleslaw

Mermins had a better day, thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

Mother has filled mermaid's fridge with Good Things To Eat today. How lovely! Had a lovely supportive email from a certain nick-named person who shall not be even referred to but YOU all know who I mean! Plenty of cheery phone calls over the weekend, from a certain nick-named person, Paddy's Mum, Old Tarf, Mermaid's mum and other friends has boosted the merms, not to mention all your kind and sweet and positive thoughts me-ward. THANK YOU xxxxx

And now - a dilemma. Tonight I left work early to run a monthly bible study at my house for two GCU students and another leader. I had already rushed round like a maniac at M&S this lunchtime to buy all manner of stuff for jacket potatoes AND spent my lunch-minutes preparing the potatoes ( I dont use microwaves at home) etc.

I got a text while almost at my house saying the meeting has to be cancelled due to illness.

Does anyone want to come round and help me eat four jacket potatoes, two tubs of coleslaw, some extra mature grated cheese, tuna and sweetcorn, baked beans and salad?

Because otherwise Mermaid will be so fat that if she sits on a rock this evening combing her hair, Greenpeace will have to be called in to try to roll her back out to sea.


Daisy said...

i am glad you are getting the support my darling mermaid...i do enjoy talking with you and am glad things are now on the mend...

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

You are very sweet Daisy! Thank you and have a wonderful Monday!

Tuscan Tony said...

Sounds great, you bring 'em over and I'll supply the chianti and vin santo

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Bella! But wont I need to volare?

Anonymous said...

are those white things lots of tiny mermaid poos?

Tuscan Tony said...

Ever heard of a flying fish, merms? Nothing better as part of a fritto misto, the Tuscan equivalent of deep fried mars bar!

idle said...

You really know how to throw a dinner party, merms! Tuna AND beans.

I consulted my diary but discovered that tonight was Bath Night.

An opportunity missed. Curses.

electro-kevin said...

He he !

Funny post.

Mermins a danger to shipping ?

Nawwww !

Only because she might lure those salty sea dogs on to the rocks with those great looks.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Tonight is Chase the Baboon night! Damn! Would offering them to your neighbours be out of the question? (In my case case the answer would be 'yes' because my neighbours are snakes).

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

GB - you can throw them at the snakes - 100 points for a hooded cobra, 50 for an anaconda.

EK - you flatterer you!

Idle. I am not throwing a dinner party, but trying to cater for fussy teenage girls. you must know how impossible it is to cater for young'uns!

The Hitch said...

Ai yah
Cute photo.
As to the potatoes , you need a dog, less picky than cats (although they do have their individual tastes)
Ive had a Yorkie that loved alcohol and chinese food. A miniature poodle that also loved chinese food , however she was teetotal. And a jack russell who loved a really hot curry.
Not animal abuse
"you dont want this"(me)
YES I DO (dog)
"are you sure ?" (me)

Old Tarf said...

Greenpeace with a crane.

I would be delighted to come over but Mrs.Tarf has chained me to the condo balcony whilst she is away in Calgary.

As it is -30 , I have also stuck my tongue on the railing and have to wait until spring to thaw out.

electro-kevin said...

I had a dog that loved Mars Bars, Hitch. I had to spell MARS BAR otherwise he would go berserk - he eventually learned to spell this way.

He eventually got to quite big words such as ... CASTRATION

That'll teach him for being such a clever little c***

The Hitch said...

The mother of the many ex mrs hitchs had 6 cats , they started to open the fridge so she got a new one that took two seperate operations to open, they worked out how to get it open using teamwork *serious*

Trubes said...

That "Little Mermaid" looks remarkably like Miss Piggy, Merms, so she couldn`t be a replica of your lovely self !
So glad you`re feeling better and getting the much deserved support from all your friends and loving family...... Marvellous !
2008 is going to be Merm`s year, I have one of those "witchy" feelings again !

P.S. I reckon if Old Tarf wasn`t chained to his Condo Balcony Railings, he`d be over on the next flight to see you

The Hitch said...

Does anyone want to come round and help me eat four jacket potatoes, two tubs of coleslaw, some extra mature grated cheese, tuna and sweetcorn, baked beans and salad?

Ai Yah!

Now I have worked out why nobody turned up.
Cat hairs, the Bible and a baked potato.
Be honest Merms, is that your dream date?
Ai Yah! (+:

MONTY said...




idle said...

How did it all go, merms?

i don't believe it was an evening for teenage girls. Not that I would have made more effort otherwise. I am much more attracted to the more mature henfish rather than grilse.

I am marooned in secular cuckoo-clock land, bored and irritable after too much Ch Lascombes 1999.

You should have flown over with a tattie and a can of beans and I could have given you an intro to the plutocrat interview of your dreams. Tant pis.

Trubes said...

Nite Nite Monty.
Purrr Purrrr from Chloe.

electro-kevin said...

Grandmother had a grocer's shop.

She caught two rats purloining an egg. One on its back holding the egg, the other pulling it along by its tail.

Beat that, Hitch.

The Hitch said...

Rats also set up homosexual colonies , sort of like a rat old compton street or canal street.
This is true. Nott sure if they Are Liza Minnelli fans though.
Reminds me when Liza with a zee was in London some black kids wripped the diamond bracelet off her wrist, she thought they were fans when they cycled up to her car window, and wound it down
DOZY witha ZEE.

The Hitch said...

Could you open your email ?
you may be able to help sombody.

electro-kevin said...

Rats set up homosexual colonies ? Sort of like Canal street ?

Oooh spooky ! A coded message there - and I'm not surprised they're homosexual with no women 'cause when you take the 'C' out of Canal you get ... anal.

Scroblene said...

Merms, I don't suppose you have any of the coleslaw left do you?

Somehow, I have an urgent requirement to commune with mayonnaise...something to do with being an airline pilot I assume...

Anonymous said...

I think I am a little too late for the potatoes... you can actually freeze them by the way, once they are cooked. And coleslaw, you can freeze that - I am saving up for a freezer!!

marvin said...

With this sort of diet it's no wonder you have problems in the wind department.

EmmaK said...

Why not give them to the homeless? We don't want you ruining your figure now do we darling?

electro-kevin said...

Post something, Fishy.

Your readership may be old and perverted but I poach many of my readers from you.

A symbiotic relationship, don'tchya fink ? Me posturing as an aged gamma male to your nubile presence.

My hit rate goes down when you stop for some reason. Now Hitch is officially dead I need a foil with which to showcase my whacky humour.

C'mon. Y'know it makes sense.


Steven_L said...

"Why not give them to the homeless?" (EmmaK)

Surely it would just incentivise homelessness if people went around feeding them jacket potatoes and coleslaw. It all sounds well and good, and perhaps even fitting with Bible study, but before you know it half of Romania will have set up camp in your street.

meredic said...

Its probably to late isn't it....but IO can bring a nice homemade lime pie along for pudding...

Anonymous said...

Had you considered mailing me your left overs?

Tuscan Tony said...

Come on merms, show a bloody fin there, lass, been nearly a week now and this post is starting to smell like an old skate.

We wants some fresh sushi and we wants it now!

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Surely loaves and fishes would have been more appropriate fare for a bible study evening?

Newmania said...

I`ve started to go to church again but if someone wanted to trap me and shake me by the neck until the contradictons and weaknes of any faith I summon fell out I would run away.
The Bible makes me a laugh a bit the bit where god wants to smite the sodomites but Abraham talks him down.
Of course as the cause of man`s first fall and the fruit thereof Merm , you get a pretty tough time. Whats it like being the source of sin not to say an afterthought designed for pleasure ? Hmmm?

Psssssssst I`ve got this bubble wrap want to pop it ...tempt tempt ....sssss

electro-kevin said...

Can you imagine if it had been a guy that had taken the forbidden fruit, Newmsie ?

Us chaps would still be getting ear'ole for it now. It's a good thing for the laydees that we're so forgiving about the original sin... perpetrated by a dippy bird.

Trubes said...

Merms: Where are you ? You are missed by us all

The Hitch said...

I so love that pic
makes me think of Evey

Anonymous said...

Mr EK is being a bit serious - in the Bible I only ever wanted to be one of the Thee Kings..