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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ipswich murders

I am moved by what has been happening here. Not just because some of my family live in Ipswich, but just because of the nature of these killings. More so, because these women are society's outcasts, the sort of women your parents tell you to avoid if you see them on a dark street.

Ipswich Killings News Report
There seems to be a moral crusade here - has anyone heard someone say: "these women are asking for it" or "well these murders get these women off our streets"? I have. Which begs the question: is the serial killer someone who thinks he is executing moral judgment on these girls?

To me, there is so much sorrow behind these awful headlines. Just because thse women are prostitues it does not mean they do not matter. These are human beings. Just because some may be addicts, does not give anyone the right to hurt them. Prostitutes get raped, mugged, robbed and attacked every day and no-one gives a flying fart. Until now. These women are terrified. And so young. Tania Nicol, 19. Gemma Adams, 25. What sort of choices did they have in life to prevent them from having to turn to vice to survive? And now someone is out there trying to play judge on them. Perhaps it's even two or more people trying to compete with each other, thinking that no-one will care because, after all, these poor girls are just prostitutes.

Thing is, there are so many factors here.

The girls do not show signs of being sexually abused.
The murders are going on right under the police's faces
The bodies are all being dumped naked
And dumped very near to each other
The murderer has to be local, egotistic, sadistic, clever.
And have transport

1) Is the killer a rival pimp trying to clear the streets for his girls to make money
2) Is it a drug baron trying to send someone a gruesome message
3) Is it a random serial killer who has just seen something on TV or in a video and wants to beat whatever record it is for taking human life?
4) Is it another kind of lunatic- a moral crusader who has taken things way beyond the pale
5) Is it a group of men, or did it start out being one man, followed by copycats?
6) Could it be a man with a grudge? Perhaps a man who lost his sexual prowess and has now become insane?

The most likely suspect has to be someone the latest three girls would have had to trust in order to get into his (or her?) car. they would not be so desperate to get into the car of someone they have not seen before, or someone who does not look like he might be legit.

So... either they have seen him before, OR, he has to Drive the sort of car that these girls would trust...

Police? Too obvious. But he has to have transport. In my mind, all I keep seeing is a man with glasses, driving a dark green taxi cab. A legitimate, authorised mini-cab driver. Middle aged... "Hey lady, get off the street, it's too dangerous. Look, I'll give you £100 just to take you home safely. I'm going that way anyway, I'm an authorised taxi driver. Here's my card....." Safe, respectable looking, calming, seemingly gentle, luring them by being kind... he kind of looks like that taxi driver who helped to nail Ian Huntley.

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Catty said...

These murders make me angry. Of all the serial killers one can name, I can think of only two that ever attacked men. It reminds me of how angry I became after seeing From Hell for the first time because these problems are still happening hundreds of years later. Women are put into desperate situations where the only way they can make money to survive is to sell their bodies, and in so doing become targeted by the kind of rage that not only murders them but tries to strip them of their humanity.
I hope that the girls in Ispwich to not take on the kind of infamy that Jack the Ripper's victims have -- they deserve more respect than to have the only photos ever taken of them, unfortunately postmortem, be used in tourist attractions.