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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Why: Can I not get to sleep properly despite having planned for 8 hours' sleep?

Why: Am I tired after said sleep?

Why: Do men hate it if you "flirt" with waiters (ie, speak to them in Italian because you are learning Italian and want to practice), but think that when they are accused of "flirting" with a female friend and ignoring you, they are being unfairly treated?

Why: Do men want you to show you adore them in public in front of their male friends, but don't want to hold hands in front of their single female friends (not my personal gripe, but having heard that from a female mate of mine, I think this is a justifiable complaint).

Why: Am I craving sainsbury's BGTY cup-a-soups?

Why should I have to endure the convo. of my boyf's friends who earn/have a lot more money and yet have a warped view of the world. It's like they've been for policymaking lessons with the Daily Mail. I heard this statement last night from one such person: "People from broken homes are unable to sustain a relationship, and make for poor marriage partners."

Um.. how about the grace of God which sustains relationships?

Aforementioned person also states: "I don't mind [foreigners] coming into the country, but when they ask for rights, yes, you'll get rights, but grudgingly."
And the best one: "Mandela was a terrorist."

To get off the track for a second, what the ****? A terrorist? Yes, if that's what you call an educated black man sick of oppression, violence and government-condoned racism, who targets non-peopled areas such as bridges or road-works (unlike real terrorists, who kill people). If England were taken over by an oppressive government, and the indigenous people were pushed into slavery, poverty and servitude, and someone came along and robbed from the rich to give to the poor, and indulged in acts of "terrorism", wouldn't that person be hailed as a hero - oh, wait! Isn't that the Robber in the Hood? Who became known as Robin Hood? And hailed as a very Englishman?

I am so sick of "I'm not a racist, but" racists. And they usually are the people whose parents have money, and who by nature have landed okay and well-paid jobs because of it, but have really got no real knowledge of the world, or bothered to look beyond their little cotton-wool borders.

If I were to go for a job with lots of money, would I end up like this? become someone who strives to have the sort of lifestyle these people offer, end up sharing their stunted world visions? Would I become Middle England? Goodness preserve me from such a fate! Worse - would my children echo this? Thank God I am content as I am - "Whether in sickness, or in health, whether rich or poor, in prison or in palaces, I have learned to give thanks to God."

In any case, this has turned out to be a bit heavy. So here's a picture of a cat. In a bag. Dunno why he's wearing a bag. Maybe he's a Mooslim terrorist.


Catty said...

I say, go for the money.
But I would.
So here are some other reasons:
It's interesting, different, a challenge, and allows you to flex some of your other skills for awhile. The experience will also ensure you can return to publishing if you want to, and will give you some more experience and first-hand knowledge of the issues. You can also still write.
Use the money as a safeguard in case your roof falls in or if you feel like retiling your bathroom twice over in cork.
Making more money doesn't make you a narrow-minded asshole. And if you're not a narrow-minded asshole, you won't raise your tots to be narrow-minded assholes.

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