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Friday, December 22, 2006

So anyway, there we were in Souk Medina, off Covent Garden last night, for the Fourth Annual Mark Atherton-Mermaid of Moorgate Christmas Combo.

And a rip-roaring night it was too. About 40 turned up in all, throughout the evening, keeping conversation fresh.

Highlights included:

Belly dancers
Being bought champagne (ditto)
Lovely fresh houmous
Tommo announcing he'd finally got to third base with some one
Being proposed to twice, with a month-auction commencing between two contenders.

Lowlights included:
Being proposed to twice, with a month-auction commencing between two contenders. The two being John, the editor of a downmarket former rival trade publication, who made his offer at 22 months' from hence, and Geoff Ho, who is, well, Geoff. He came in with an 18-month offer.

[edited on request] Is this a conspiracy to get me up the aisle (or should that be down the aisle? Our church floor slopes. We discovered just how much once when mum and I were eating maltesers during communion and she went to take one quietly out of the bag during the prayer and they all fell on the floor and shook, rattled and rolled all the way down to the front of the church. Not that we ever eat in church or neglect to concentrate during Serious Prayers).

Which leads me onto the other low-lights:

John taking his editor role too seriously. One freelance who had worked with him for a couple of months full-time asked why, if his star reporter had been so good, why was she not promoted and why did she have to leave?
Cue: "I am the editor." Vs "I now write for nationals" "So what, you were no good when I sacked you" Vs "But you didnt give me a real chance to prove myself" and so on and so on!

3) Matty Wills starting up again on Richard Dawkins Vs Cliff Richard in a physical battle to see who is right: God vs Evolution. Cliff obviously, he's in the peak of physical health, as you can tell from celebrity come dancing. Hellooooo, no contest! Dawkins may have all the degrees, but God has all the best dancers.

4) People ordering some of their drinks on a non-existent tab, then leaving about 7 of us to foot the entire bill between us - GRRR! Partly the fault of the stupid waiter, who kept referring to the Tab as "The Table you have behind the bar".

5) Various fisticuffs in the streets between a certain downmarket editor, Westward-Ho! and a couple of random PRs who'd had a bit too much free lager.

6) the bar staff think spicy tomato juice requires soda water. HAS ANYONE EVER TASTED FIZZY tomato juice? It was like drinking baby poo. I imagine.

So... a great night in all. Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

sniff sniff... no invite for me. :(

Anonymous said...

If you want a proposal, beging for one probably isn't the best way to go about it. Men don't like feeling cornered or pressured into doing things. If they feel under pressure they are more likely to dig their heels in and back away? Maybe the new year should signify for you decision time, make your mind up, don't wait around for him to make the decisions, take back some control.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that everyone thinks that you are pleading for a proposal. It's for certain that you are very much in love with the boy.

So if you want him, go rattle his cage and propose to him. Buy him an engagement ring. You will then know what is what ( do not throw away the receipt, just incase.)

If he cannot see that you are serious and dosen't say yes right away, but says maybe or later that will not be good enough and if he cannot show any love or commitment on his part on the spur of the moment.

Then it is time to move on.

KayleeJ said...

no way Hoooosaaay! He should propose he's the man. He must have an idea by now whether you're the one for him. Maybe it's time for you to move on! New Year New Man! Get with it girlfriend!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you're all warped women