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Monday, February 26, 2007

And while I am on the subject,

What does the government think it is doing with all these ID cards? What a wonderful waste of public money it is - given that we're not going to have our pictures on it!

What is the point of that? In every European country, all they need is a picture ID. In the UK, no, we must have retina photographs and nose hair holograms and fingerprint proof that we are not osama bin laden in drag. Get frigging real!

How will the government conduct Iris or Retina pictures on people with sight problems? We already know that airlines have no compunction about discriminating against the millions of people with disabilities, so under these new "give us all your details" regulations they are proposing for ID cards, are partially-sighted people going to have to endure some embarrassing and humilating experience? I've already read about a wheelchair user who was forced off a flight because the airline were a bunch of total arse-wipes. Shit Airlines run by monkeys

Will the government ban partially sighted people from travelling because they don't have what the government thinks is a proper "identity" based on their retina or iris scan? I am so cheesed off.

On yet another note, I am upset they are sending Harry to war in some blatant press-hungry justification for this ridiculous and illegal war. I am upset because:

a) He's cute
b) I think he should be the next king. Charles is a muppet and William's nice but too soft. Harry would be a brilliant breath of fresh air.
c) At least don't waste our resources by giving him an SAS bodyguard while many of our soldiers dont even have protective helmets, bullet-proof vests or live ammunition.

But I do suspect maybe the "dark forces of which we have no knowledge" that the Queen once reportedly claimed is behind this one - if Harry aint Charlie's boy, are they going to bump him off like they did to Diana? Is this some David and Uriah-like way of getting rid of what could be an upset to the Royal Family? Are we going to read about a heroic death for our ginger-haired prince? Will Al Fayed start murmuring about the "duke of Fuggin' Edinburgh" and the disappearance of our Spare Heir?

Or is this a catholic conspiracy? The last time we had a ginger haired King and Queen was Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I - both staunch protestants who hated the French. Is the Pope behind a consipiracy with the French to kill Harry in retribution for Calais?


john.g. said...

I`m with you Simoney, f*ck this government!

Oscar's Staff said...

Monty could be the next ginger king instead?

monty the King said...

Only if I have my Cousins Up Nor' to look after me.

Catty said...

an ID card with a picture on it would be swell when it comes to that "proof of ID" bullshit that requires bank statements or some other crap. But something that doesn't have a picture on it doesn't really prove anything, does it? by not putting a face to the name you're not actually identifying anything, are you?
I understand you can already purchase a fake one at

Simoney said...

Totally on, Catty! Catty for PM!