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Tuesday, February 27, 2007



There are way too many of them. I did a google search, yes, I know, narcissistic. But anyway there are loads! In Spain and Portugal, S----s are male. In England, there are many young S-----named people. I think I am the oldest S----imoney in England. Anyway. I set up a blog for people called S----. So if you are called S----, or know any (it must be spelled exactly so, no variants or deviants allowed). Here is my myspace account. It's very empty so please join as my friends so I can pretend that S-----s are popular.


Geoff said...
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Simoney said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi simoney, I like your blog lots and it's really cool that you have titles on

Your simoney blog is a good idea. Too bad I can't join.........oh well.

Brightest blessings

Heather(shadow, Leo and the chicken dog)