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Monday, February 26, 2007

What is the point?

By this, I don't mean an existentialist outlook on life, or that I have unanswerable questions for the crystals to answer through positive energy.

I simply mean, why bother? Why go anywhere? Why use transport? Why not walk, or take a horse? Or just stop buying necessities so you can spend the rest on cash fares. Come to think of it, stop buying things with credit cards. Screw the internet. Damn Amazon (for the lawyers, I don't mean Damn Amazon). Cock a snook at eBay (note to Lawyers: this is just a joke). No it isn't. (lawyers - it is a joke). There is no point in travelling, buying online, or going to shops.


A friend of mine came out for Charlie's leaving drinks last Thurs and on the way home, she said she refused to get an Oyster travel card "because then the government will know where you have been."

Another friend of mine refuses to use credit cards online because of fraud, which is fair enough, but he also dislikes using his credit card in shops, in case the government can track what he buys.

Now I know this is technically true, but logically it's a pile of misspelt fish (carp). Ok. Suppose there is an anti-war protest at Westminster. You go to Westminster with your Oyster. The government can't prove that you took part in the demonstration. It can only place you at the station. And whether or not demonstrating becomes an offence under this Big Brother state we're enduring (who the hell voted this government back in for a third time? What were you thinking?), how can the government prove you took part? By CCTV? In which case, it doesn't need your Oyster card.

Point 1 - unless you have a reflective face that does not show up on CCTV photographs/you are a vampire, the government does not need your Oyster card to prove you were anywhere. It can just look at your face. Therefore, buy an Oyster and get cheap fares. If the government wants to arrest you, it does not need an oyster.

My male friend's point about the government tracking what he buys is fair enough, should we be subjected to an anti-religion government, for example, buying a Bible or Koran using your credit card could lead to an arrest. But until then, I couldn't give a flying fart whether the government knows that I get through an inordinate amount of toilet roll, or am addicted to Heinz tomato soup.

Point 2: Friend, stop buying donkey porn and you might not need to worry about being arrested.

Point 3: If you are going to spend the rest of your life caught up in a conspiracy theory, too scared to enjoy the moment and don't mind wasting money on cash fares, then what is the point of being young and alive and living in London? Go join an Amish community or something.

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Catty said...

My problem with being tracked is when all the information collected on me, for example, how much coke I buy, is accessible to those who would grant me health insurance. But living in the UK, that's not really my concern.
I mean, the fact that CCTV can record people and then digitally recreate their gait, voice, mannerisms and stuff and then know then someone is doing something unnatural (like walking with a fake limp) -- that's the sort of thing that makes me wonder why bother.
Although I don't like the idea of RFID tags in everything. I do not want to be advertised to CONSTANTLY.