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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Been trying to flog my Valentine's Day cards. So far today I've made just £7 - still that may mean people here are more romantic and have already planned ahead. Plus in my last job, hardly anyone got the chance to go out for so much as a bite to eat, let alone buy a card. Still, I'll keep Old Faithful (my tin of "emergency" cards in the office... so far I've already contributed to two leaving dos and an engagement card, plus a birthday present necklace.
Christmas was to raise £ for Leukaemia Research Foundation, whereas these sales are just to help my own business to grow - one day, I want to have a permanent stall and website! At the moment, any money I raise is going into my (paltry) savings account... I've not saved enough to invest with my own business in mind :(

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