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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ehhh... What's up, Doc?

A woman in the office just sent round the following message to everyone: Subject: Carrot in the kettle.

"I just found a carrot floating in the kettle. Does anyone know why it is in there?"

Cue general hilarity in the office.

It was then that I realised I (of course I) had put the carrot in the kettle.

It was frozen, you see, and the hot water did not work from the tap.

I needed to defrost my carrot.

Is there anything wrong with showing initiative?

Of course, I forgot there was a microwave.

And I forgot the carrot was in there.

There were no witnesses; however for some reason everyone was accusing ME of doing it. I am mortified. This will go down in work history. Even more so than the fart I did in my first week (see my second ever blog entry)


john.g. said...

Why on earth did you freeze a carrot?

Anonymous said...

i don't understand- why was your carrot frozen? seems like a strange thing to do.

john.g. said...

Anonymous, i concur, see above. But that`s women for you. Full of surprises.

simoney said...

I'd left it near the back of the fridge at work and it had got frozen that way.... anyway, have you never heard of frozen veg? you buy them in bags from downmarket supermarkets, so I'm told...

Anonymous said...

do you have special needs?

Catty said...

I don't know why everyone assumes it would be you that would put a carrot in the kettle. Maybe they just don't understand Thinking Outside The Ice Box.

Simoney said...

thank you catty for being so understanding! hoorah!