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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Four-Legged Duck!

Talk about being fearfully and wonderfully made!

Here is what farmers have longed for - a four-legged duckling! And this is not even an April Fool joke!

You can read all about Stumpy the four-legged duck here. I am sure there's a film in the making - hey, mr Spielberg....


john.g. said...

Crispy duck extras at the Cinese then!

GEOFF! Ahh Ahh! said...

John.g - Duck Off!

Oscar said...

don't really get what the big deal is - I have 4 legs and no one writes about me in the newspapers.

Simoney said...

But oscar, you are a panda-cat! you are very famous online!

Simoney said...

ps... Geoff, you know you wanted to make a joke about chinese food yourself!

Oscar's thought of the day said...

my blog name has had to change

I am a little bit backwards