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Thursday, April 19, 2007


I read it in Metro, so it must be true. Poor Stumpy has lost one of his dangly legs after being trapped in a wire fence. Stumpy the three-legged duck is doing fine though, and enjoying waddling around. Apparently he has a girlfriend called Alice.

Here's him pre-amputation.

In other weird news, today I saw a man, a respectable-looking, tastefully-but-casually-dressed young man taking a small vacuum cleaner for a walk along Oxford Circus. Who knows what he's done with the dog....


melanie said...

poor stumpy.
i am so glad he's doing okay though. there was some worrying when he was born that he wouldn't live, because some other four legged ducklings in history did not make it to adulthood.
so yay stumpy for beating the odds.

Simoney said...

hi Melanie. Wanted to visit your "current" blog to say hi - you're a friend of Catty's, eh? Nice to see you - which blog should I be visiting?

Anonymous said...

was it a henry hoover? They have faces. Some people talk to them. They do look a little real...