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Monday, January 22, 2007


OK... here is what you have to do.

Check my list of 10 top annoyances. Think of your own top 10. If any of mine match yours, you have to add new ones to your list. Then post them to my blog. Any future post-ers will have to add 10 new ones too. My aim is to come up with THE DEFINITIVE LIST OF THINGS THAT REALLY NAFF ME OFF (today)*.

1) Pedants
2) Ditherers on tube stations
3) Cars that rush through puddles at you
4) Slow cyclists in the bus lane
5) Running out of milk the very day you need a coffee
6) Stubborn people who refuse to admit, even in the face of facts, that they are wrong
7) James Blunt
8) Russell Brand. What is the point of him?
9) Endemol (no, not a brand of ex-lax, although the stuff Endemol produces is about the same as what Ex-lax produces)
10) Forgetting to drink tea when it's hot

*these are obviously subject to change...


OLD FART (TARF) said...

Ten things that get up my nose.

1. Bleeding heart liberals.

2. Vegetarians who wear leather.

3. Slow serivce at resturants.

4. Kids who do not fill up the gas tank after using the car.

5. Kleenex Tissue found in the washing machine.

6. Noisy neighbours.

7. News about Paris Hilton and such like.

8. Lists about ten thigs I do not like.

9. Anyone with the name ALF.

10. Young men who dither.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here are the three that differ:

1. Multiple personality disorder line managers.
2. Heartburn.
3. Lack of hot chocolate in employee cafeteria.

I shall now compile my own list.

Simoney said...

OOOH, Well who would that be? Phil, Neil, Alex, Hal or Neil B? 'Nuff said... And they are all men - interesting, eh?
don't agree re heartburn though - time it right and you get two meals for the price of one...

Paddy's mum said...

My top ten annoyances:

1: self obsessed arrogant people who talk incessantly about themselves and don’t ask you how you are doing, but simply state “I trust all is well with you”, not really a question to which an answer is wanted or really invited, before saying “right, must go now”! how rude!!

2: People who ask you to show them your identity card just so you can go to lunch with them, then ask you to leave when you don’t have it with you!

3: people who don’t like cats.

4: people who think that just because they have a dog, you should like it too and think its acceptable to expect that the dog is allowed into your house to make it stink of dog.

5: people who think they know what’s best for me or people who think they know better than me what I want.

6: trains that don’t run on time in the morning when it’s cold and or wet.

7: people who are younger and less experienced at work than me who get the job I really wanted.

8: supermarket shopping.

9: snobs who look down their nose atpeople.

10: sulking.

simone said...

hey paddy's mum - even worse than your nob-end number one is the "emotional vampire" who is not only self-obsessed and surgically attached to coke cans or expensive jewellery, but does not bother to ask/state/even throw a general "trust you are well" in anyone's direction!

simoney said...

oh balls - I spelled my own name wrong! What a gak!

simoney said...

oh balls - I spelled my own name wrong! What a gak!

Anonymous said...

My top annoyance:
1. People. I just don't like them.