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Monday, January 15, 2007

If music be the food of Love, Play on!

except I can't play on. I need to upload to my iPod shuffle which THE BOY bought me as one of my chrismas presents, but am trying hard to decide which songs to knock off my favourites list. Which songs are essential? Which fit together well? I've got space for 240 songs (unlike an 11-year old girl at my church who got a new iPod Nano for Christmas, in pink! 1500 songs. Can you get 1500 Kylie songs? and how long is she going to keep her iPod? I give it six months to get lost, broken, scratched or stolen. You just don't NEED 1500 songs!!!! For example, I have been spending the past week compiling song lists and I've only got to 120 of ones I really, really really like... and some that I don't own but want to add into the list, like Lily Allen's Smile and LDN)

Where was I? Oh yeah. so I am looking for the best playlist for my shuffle. I don't want jsut to whack all my fav songs onto it. I'm not going to end up having 4 U2 albums and hardly anything else. I don't want loads of 60s or funk or rock all in a row. What's the point of that?

I'm thinking of these songs for starters: (not necc in this order)...

Mony Mony
leading into Crocadile Rock
leading into Don't know why I didn't come

then maybe a jackson 5 song which I love but can't remember what it's called; I had it on my Jackson 5: best of CD which some thieving arab scoused off me at Uni. Lyrics sort of went: "I have been all through this world, seen the evil and the good, I've been waiting for a waking from this dream... " Any help greatly appreciated.

Other songs I'm considering: play that funky music... dont feel like dancing... Karma Coma... Van Deman's Land, Living on a prayer, Bohemian Rhapsody, Purple Rain, Karma Chamelion, Wake me up (before you go go), Spinning Around.... Bootylicious...Beyond the Sea, Mac the Knife (Sinatra Version), some Vonda Shepherd covers/originals... Daydream believer... Blackbird... The Boxer.... Downtown (Petula Clark version)... Faith (George Michael)... Still haven't found what I'm looking for... Summer of '69... Sex Machine... closest thing to crazy... Wasn't it good (from Chess)... Crystal Lewis (anthem "I believe" and her rendition of "To God be the glory") Some elvis... oh my word this really shows my state of mind.... HELP!

Any suggestions?

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happyowl said...

Hi Monty B, I'm not sure if I'm related to your mommy. My mommy says that we have tons of family across Canada, so maybe...

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