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Monday, January 15, 2007

Curry and Football

A boy's favourite things? Well it certainly is the favourite of THE BOY. So he must have been delighted when my friend Angela invited a batch of us from THEC to come out for a nice curry at Thornton Heath's secret jewel the Taj Mahal.

Obviously it is not the real Taj Mahal, and the pool of water in front of it is usually the result of a broken drain rather than a sculpted pool. Be that as it may, and notwithstanding the eye-stinging nearness of our table to the open door into the kitchen, that had to be one of the best curries I had consumed in a long time.

THE BOY was particularly pleased with his choice of food, or rather, Angela was as she had managed to eat his rice and leave him with her one instead. But he was able to sit next to Dip and Steve, who talked about football and investing and all that boy stuff. Angela and I discussed which public figures we thought were good looking. Her latest one is some car racing driver from the 1970s whose name escapes me. She's reading his autobiography now. Sadly most of the people we think are lush are dead, or nearly dead.

For example:


Cary Grant
Errol Flynn
Young George Best

Nearly Dead:
Peter O'Toole (gratuitous picture here)
Robert Redford

Brain Dead:
Brad Pitt
Orlando Bloom
George Clooney

Most Likely To Say Yes to: George Clooney

Most unlikely to say yes to: Russell Brand. EWWW! Get a hair cut you matchstick loo brush! Can anyone honestly say that this (pictured below)

is anything as sexy as Clooney?

Of course, the boys then started to mock our conversation, like we were even bothered to join in to discuss whether Reina had past his peak as a goalie, or whether Wenger really did have the better strikers. BOVVERED!

Cue one of the classic Angela-isms of the evening: "THE BOY, why don't you become a professional footballer? Then Mermaid could have loads of money." I think I choked on a chili at that point.
THE BOY: "Well, you have to be really good to be a professional"
Angela: "Really? You have to be that good? I wondered why more men didn't go into football with that sort of money. So you have to be really good?"

Ho hum! Anyway a picture of Angela and I will shortly appear below, with a pic of three of the chaps attending our New Year Curry. Ho for the Taj Mahal!

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