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Friday, January 12, 2007


This morning, I woke up early to help mummy get up for work. How was I to know it was only 6 - 1.5 hours before her up time? So she shut me in the bathroom.

Anyway I forgave her because she cuddled and fed me. But then she ran out of the "accompaniment treat" of roast turkey so all I got was processed ham. Poo!

THEN I wanted to play football but instead of kicking the ball, mummy's hard and bony heel accidentally thumped me in the face, which made me scared and I had to run and hide under the bed while mummy cooed after me and tried to tell me she was sorry.

Anyway I forgave her because she cuddled me. But as she cuddled me she stuck worming paste into my mouth. I thought I was clever and spat it out on her hand, but she wiped it on my paw and without thinking I licked it off. EUGH!

Anyway I forgave her and then went to see where she was. She was in the bath. I started purring happily because I love mummy. I got confused. I jumped up on the rim of the bath, but it was wet.

At least my tiny head did not get wet when I fell into the deep, bubbly water. Mummy fished me out and wrapped me in a towel and although she was cuddling me, I think she was laughing because her shoulders were shaking. I was all bedraggled and wet and mummy tried to dry me off with a big hot whirry scary thing but I just decided to ignore all her efforts and sit on the floor shivering instead.

Poor ME! She then took a picture of me all wet and feeling sorry for myself, which she said she would get burned onto disc and then put up on the blog. Mew!

And THEN THE BOY/Daddy will come around tonight and shoot me again with a foam ring gun thing. I am having a bad day. Poor little me. Poor kitten....


Dennace said...

At least your mummy hasn't taken you to a place where they make you go to sleep and then cut the things next to your willy off yet! Mine has - I pretended to hate her but then she fed me so I had to purr.

Monty B said...

Poor Dennace! Mummy has told me my pockets will be picked, but says I will be able to sing much better like mariah carey. So there are benefits!

Anonymous said...

You think that's a bad day? well, beat this!

Thursday I got carted off to see Mol Den and oscar, (he's my favourite). I managed to break out on Sunday only to go home to find it stank of paint and there was this dreadful stinky large yellow thing with four legs and a tail, not a cat! I got in through the cat flap and had to hide away from it all. Went to sleep and then found I couldn't get out from my hidey hole under the kitchen units because grandad had screwed the broken kick board back in place. I heard mummy calling and calling to me for hours but she couldn't work out where I was, thought I had run away I guess. I then managed several hours later to make my bells and tags jangle while she was in the kitchen. I was very scared! then mummy and other mummy dismantled the kitchen cupboards to get me out. Just imagine what could have happened if mummy didn't insist that we all wear jangly things around our necks?

Anonymous said...

that last comment was from me Lola by the way

monty B said...

poor lola! Me is very sad to hear that. I went swimming again the other day but luckily I did not get stuck behind the bath. I hope you are feeling better now? Love, your cousin monty B.