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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here he is!!!!

The long-awaited Monty B Truffles. Named in honour of Field Marshall Montgomery. He is the cutest, dearest, sweetest little thing in the whole wide world. He was a present from my best friend Clare.

And I am going to publish every picture I can of him, because the cute video I have of him playing on his scratching post cannot load up. Or else I am too thick to do that. Any suggestions gratefully received as to how to load MOV onto the system.

Anyway, here is the static shot of him next to my mobile looking small and sleepy. AWWWW !


Old Fart (TARF) said...

Thats a good name for the kitten.

Please show us all the photos you can. As it is probably the closest thing to a grandchild I will have for a while.

Why are we waiting???? I know why!!!

Oscar, Molly and Dennace said...

Hello Monty
You are very sweet. I know we didn't meet you but we saw some ginger hairs in the Staff's car when we came back from the cattery so know that you were there!
love Oscy, Molly and Denny x

Safe, Jola and ChuChu said...

Hello Monty Panesar,
Pleased to make your acquaintance at last. Whilst we haven't actually met you we have shared a litter tray and have enjoyed the aroma of your urine.
Hope you enjoy London life,
love from 3 Wakefield cats

Anonymous said...


Lucy said...

Ahhh he's cute!!!
Nearly as cute as Tailor!