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Friday, January 05, 2007

A little Story

Once upon a time there was a drama queen who decided to write her autobiography. Although she sent it out to all the courtiers, advisers, friends and subjects, believing she had nothing to hide, everyone complained so much that she cut out all her jokes, anecdotes, personal comments, barbs, moans and anything that really reflected how she felt until it no longer represented anything she felt, said, did or thought. So she decided not to write her autobiography anymore and everyone else was happy. But then she could not explain to anyone in person what she was feeling because everyone had an opinion and kept giving advice rather than letting her just talk things through. So instead of hiring a publisher, she hired a hit man and embarked with him on a bitter killing spree until everyone was dead. She then published her book but there was no-one around to read it so it sat on the shelves next to Vanessa Feltz's diet tips book.

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